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Revision Tips - from Mr Milki


Here are some revision tips I have given to my mentees to help them make the most of their revision time and so far they have managed to keep their nerves under control. So, I thought to share the same with you.

Revision should be a process of consolidating your understanding of the subjects.

  • The secret of exam success is planning. Draw up a revision plan for each week.
  • Read – Write – Discuss. Involve friends and family with your revision.
  • Get to know all your exam boards and practice on past exam papers. That way you will be familiarised with the layout and trust me it helps.
  • Study with peer and test each other’s knowledge.
  • You should be studying at least two hours in the afternoon with consistent breaks (10 minutes) in between. Don’t forget the break is important.
  • Make use of Online and Out of hours learning at Rokeby using GCSE POD
  • Covering at least two subjects, starting with the least popular subject and finishing with the most popular one. Get the better feeling towards the end.

"There will always be challenges. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger, more skilled, more self-confident and more successful."

- Mark V. Hansen


Revision websites





Study Club


At Rokeby we run a popular Study Club every morning from 7:30 - 8:20 in G7. Every student is welcome to attend this study club. Students have the opportunity to do homework, revision, research on the internet, read books/newspaper on any subjects or even catch up with their coursework.


Rokeby Code Club


We offer a weekly lunch time club on Wednesdays where students are given the opportunity to learn how to code using various programming languages including Engduino.





Here are some questions and points/tips:
  • Who is responsible for my education?
    • The Government
    • Friends
    • Teachers
    • Myself
    • Parent
  • What would be a good strategy for revision?
    • Leave it to chance
    • Try and cram the night before
    • Review my notes at regular interval
    • Do nothing
    • Start the process early
  • What do I need to revise effectively and pass my exams?
    • Clear notes
    • An organised work space
    • A portion of time every day
    • Memory techniques
    • Confidence
  • What does it mean by motivated?

  • The Forgetting Curve: The forgetting curve hypothesises the decline of memory retention over time. The stronger the memory, the longer period of time that a person is able to recall it, The graph of the forgetting curve shows   that people tend to forget much of newly learned knowledge in a matter of days unless they regularly review the learned material. With each review, the memory becomes stronger.

  • Reflection: Positive - negative - questions

"Don't wait. The time will never be just right." - Napoleon Hill