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Cyberbully presentation and the video.

Educate against hate


eSafety - The Internet is absolutely loaded with content and activities that are entertaining and educational for children. Here at Computing department we are committed to helping young people understand the risks online and taking measures to protect themselves, whether from hackers, viruses, cyberbullies or online strangers that may want to harm them. Research has shown that young people are more likely to give away personal information online than they are in the real world; particularly on social networks such as Facebook and Myspace.

Social Networking Sites
Parents and pupils should be aware that there are a growing number of ‘question platform sites’ allowing responses to be posted anonymously. In most cases, these can be innocent; however, due to the anonymity offered by these sites, they can lead to abusive, bullying and sexualised content. These sites can be integrated with other social networking sites and have few, if any, privacy settings, so that they can be viewed by anyone with or without an account. Most do not have any mechanisms for basic protections, for example, there is no way to report abusive content, nor do they have a source of advice for users. 

Keeping up with and supervising children’s online activity can challenging, especially when they have their own computers, smartphones, tablets and games consoles ... or they are in other people’s homes. Understand the risks yourself and plan ahead before allowing children access to the internet.The videos below are here to help you and young people on how to better understand the risks of being online.