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Middle leaders meeting
Y9 reports to HODs
Y7 data out

Meeting with CR

      Mo1Middle leaders meeting
Diversity Month
      Mo2MAY DAY      
Tu1Learning Day 1- Child safety; Marking   Tu3 Tu1    Tu2 Tu1Passport Day 1
Y11 Conference
   Tu3Y10 data out
Y7 reports to HODs
We2    We4 We2Festive Concert 4pm   We3 We2    We4 We1    
Th3 Th1 Th5 North BectonTh3

P4C P1

 North Becton

   Th4Y11 Parents Evening
North Becton
Th3Y10 Parents Evening
North Becton
   Th5 North BectonTh2    
Fr4 Fr2Y8 data dueFr6Y7 data dueFr4 Fr1 Fr5

Non-uniform day

Centre deadline

Fr4 Fr1 Fr6Y10 data dueFr3 Fr1Y7 data due
Y10 exams
Sa5Sa3Sat SchoolSa7Sat SchoolSa5Sat SchoolSa2Sa6 Sat SchoolSa5Sa2 Sa7

CA AQA deadline

Su6 Su4 Su8 Su6 Su3 Su7 Su6 Su3 Su8 Su5 Su3 
Mo7Year Team meetingMo5

Middle leaders meeting
Y9 data out

SLT review week

Mo9Department meetingMo7Year team meetingMo4Learning Day 2 - Prevent
Y11 mock data out
Mo8Y10 reports out
Mo7Middle leaders meeting
Y8 data out
P4C P1
Mo4 Mo9Year team meeting
Hustings Week
Mo6Year team meeting
Y9 data out
Y10 work experience
Mo4Middle leaders meeting
Y10 exams
Tu8 Tu6 

SLT review week
8K assembly

Tu10 Tu8 Tu5 SLETu9 Tu8 RS-AQATu5 Tu10 Tu7Y10 work experienceTu5

Y10 exams


We9 We7Twilight 1

SLT review week

We11 We9Y11 mocks
Python on Microbit-BCS
We6Workshop - FGMWe10 We9Twilight 7
problem solving
We6 We11 We8

Y10 work experience
Y7 Active Newham

CS Exam

We6Y10 exams
Th10Transition 1

SLT review week

Th12Y9 Parents Evening
North Becton

Twilight 4
Y11 mocks 

 North Becton

Y10 mock

Th7 North BectonTh11Twilight 6
North Becton
Th10 North BectonTh7 Th12Y7 Parents Evening
North Becton
Th9Y10 work experience
North Becton
Fr11Autumn MER dueFr9Y9 data due

SLT review week

Fr13PhotographsFr11Y11 mocks - CS
Non-uniform day

Y10 mock

Fr8Y11 mock data dueFr12 Fr11Y8 data dueFr8 Fr13 Fr10Y9 data due
Y10 work experience
Fr8Y10 exams
Staff Appreciation
Sa12Sat SchoolSa10Sa14Sa12Sat SchoolSa9Sat SchoolSa13Sa12Sat SchoolSa9Sa14Sa11NCST residentialSa9 Sat School
Su13 Su11 Su15 Su13 Su10 Su14 Su13 Su10 Su15 Su12 Su10 
Mo14Middle leaders meetingMo12Department meetingMo16Year team meetingMo14Y11 mocksMo11

Middle leaders meeting

Careers webinar: Fast Tomato

Mo15HALF TERMMo14Department meeting
Y11 data out
Mo11Year team meeting
Y8 reports to HODs
Y7 data out
Mo16Middle leaders meeting
Worshipful Company of Educators
Mo13Middle leaders meeting
Y10 work experience
Mo11Department meeting
Y10 exam data out
Tu15P4C P1Tu13 CAS regionalTu17UCL strategy meetingTu15Y11 mocksTu12Y10 En & Ma examsTu16 Tu15Livery showcaseTu12 Tu17 Tu14Edexcel CS
Y8 Active Newham
Tu12Sports Day
We16Y7 Meet The Tutors 4-6pmWe14Y10 evening
We18Extended Registration
Twilight 3
We16Y11 mocksWe13

Y10 En & Ma exams

CAS- Havering

We17 We16Extended Registration
Spring Concert 4pm
We13 We18 We15Twilight 11
Y10 work experience
Y9 Active Newham
Th17RM meeting with SamTh15AQA: New specification - onlineTh19

 North Becton

Life after 6th form
Brentwood school

Th17Y11 mocks
 North Becton
North Becton
Th18 Th17

Careers conference - Brentwood School

North Becton

Th14 North BectonTh19Twilight 10
North Becton
Th16Y10 work experience
North Becton
Th14Y7-10 Awards Eve
AQA webinar
Fr18 Fr16Y11 Future PathwaysFr20Extended RegistrationFr18Y11 mocksFr15Spring MER due
Y11 Mock Results P5
Fr19 Fr18Y11 data due
Extended Registration
Fr15Y7 data dueFr20 Fr17Y10 work experience
Non-uniform day
Fr15Rokeby 50
KS3 Graduation
Y10 exam data due
Sa19Sa17Sat SchoolSa21Sat SchoolSa19Sa16Sa20Sa19Sa16Sat SchoolSa21Sat SchoolSa18Sa16 
Su20 Su18 Su22 Su20 Su17 Su21 AQA deadlineSu20 Su17 Su22 Su19 Su17 
Mo21Department meeting
Y11 data out
Mo19Year team meeting
Y9 reports out
Y10 data out

Y7 Observation
Mo23Middle leaders meeting
Y11 data out
Mo21CHRISTMAS HOLSMo18Department meeting
Y11 reports out
Mo22Department meeting
Y10 reports to HODs
Y9 data out
Mo21Y8 reports out
Y11 mocks
Mo18Middle leaders meeting
Mo23Department meetingMo20Department meeting
Y8 data out
HAWC week
Mo18Passport Day 2
Tu22 Tu20Young Mayor Elections
Tu24 Tu22 Tu19 Tu23 Tu22

Y11 mocks


Tu19P4C P1Tu24 Tu21
Google classroom
KS3 Assembly :
We25 We23 We20 BETTWe24 We23Y11 mocks
Twilight 8
We20 We25 We22We20SUMMER HOLS
Th24 EID-UL-ADHATh22Twilight 2Th26Ex Y11 Awards Eve
North Becton
Th24 Th21

Y9 Careers Day & Options Evening

North Becton

Th25BOSS Day
The changing face of education - Brentwood School
North Becton
Th24Y11 mocks
Th21Y8 Parents Evening
North Becton
Th26 North BectonTh23
North Becton
Fr25Y11 data dueFr23Y10 data due
KS4 Assembly :
Fr27Y11 data dueFr25 Fr22 BETTFr26

Y9 data due

CAS conference


Fr22 Fr27Y11 Graduation
Fr24Y8 data due
P4C P1

CPD: Micro:bit Roadshow

Fulbright USA

Sa24Sa28Sa26 Sa23


Sat School

Sa27Sat SchoolSa26 Sa23Sa28Sa25Sat SchoolSa23 
Su27 Su25 Su29 Su27 Su24 Su28 Su27 Su24 Su29 Su26 Su24 
Mo28Year team meeting
Y8 data out
Mo26HALF TERMMo30Department meetingMo28 Mo25Year team meeting
Y11 reports to HODs
Y10 data out
Mo29Year team meeting


Department meeting
Y7 reports out

SPEER review

Mo30HALF TERMMo27Year team meeting
Y7 data out
Y10 exams
Tu29 Tu27    Tu29 Tu26 

CAS- Redbridge

   Tu29 Tu26SPEER reviewTu31 Tu28Y10 examsTu26 
We30Y6 Open Eve 4-6pmWe28    We30 We27Twilight 5   We30 We27    We29

Y10 exams

School Look

  Sat 26 Sep
Y6 Open Morning
10am - 12noon
Th29    Th31 Th28 North Becton   Th31 Th28

Twilight 9 - SDP

North Becton

   Th30Y6 Induction day
Y10 exams
Twilight 12
North Becton
   Fr30       Fr29

Y10 data due
P4C P1

+ UCL medicine


Summer MER due

CA Centre deadline + Sat School